Sense GuardPeanut and ThermoPeanut review: Smart nuts to protect and detect

Thanks to the miracle of modern Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), up to seven devices can be connected to an iPhone at once, with even more paired and waiting in the wings as needed. This technology has made possible many interesting scenarios beyond those of a traditional smartphone, including security and home control.

Sense has seized upon this opportunity to introduce a new line of “simple, useful, and affordable” smart sensors under its Peanut brand, products designed to make our lives easier. I had a chance to spend time with the first two devices for this review and overall found them handy for the price, lack of HomeKit support aside.

Temperature nut

ThermoPeanut ($29; also available on Amazon) is a smart wireless thermometer that can be attached almost anywhere and used to check the temperature from the free SensePeanut app for iOS or Android. All Peanuts look the same, measuring 1.77 x 0.98 x 0.19 inches, and feature a button on the front and a tiny piezo speaker on the back with a 90 dB output.

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