Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z review: This USB thumbdrive is small, secure, and device-agnostic

We were already fans of Apricorn’s keypad-sporting secure drives, especially the small Aegis Secure Key 3.0, which is only a little larger than your garden-variety USB thumbdrive. Now there’s the Aegis Secure Key 3z, which is the size of a standard thumbdrive—approximately 3.2 inches long, 0.75 inches wide, and 0.37 inches thick. Okay, a slightly long thumbdrive.

Lacking the 3.0’s keypad cover, the 3z looks like a 1/8-scale garage-door opener when you pull it out of your pocket, but so what? Exposing the keypad lets everyone know they’re not going to get the data off your drive, so don’t bother. On the other hand, if you’re really trying to fly under the radar, just keep it in your pocket.

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