As Apple proved by removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, we live in an increasingly wireless world. While that decision remains controversial, few would argue the stage is a place where wires are definitely unwelcome—but wireless microphones have traditionally been out of reach for impoverished vocalists.

Wireless wonder

The VocoPro WirelessMix-2 ($699 MSRP; $498.90 on Amazon) combines a pair of UHF wireless microphones with a mixer capable of handling a total of eight channels. The first four inputs are mono, designed for microphones or instruments with XLR or quarter-inch jacks, while the other half of the board accepts stereo signals using RCA or quarter-inch inputs. (You can plug wired mics into a wireless channel, but without independent control of the fader or tone, send, and effects knobs.)

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VocoPro WirelessMix-2 review: Live sound goes wireless with this dynamic duo