Named Data Networking is on the horizon, and SDN will help make it a reality

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Named Data Networking (NDN) may be in the early stages of development, but the strides being made are compelling. Gartner predicts NDN won’t hit the “Plateau of Productivity” on their Hype Cycle for more than ten years, but when it does, a monumental shift in data organization and retrieval will come with it. We know a massive influx of data is on its way – NDN might be the key to managing the data, and Software Defined Networking (SDN) will be integral to helping NDN do just that.

The current Internet framework is built on the idea that communications is a conversation between a client and a server, an exchange of information between two points. NDN shifts the focus of networking from locations (origins and destinations) to the information itself. Networking will no longer be about connecting to a server to find information as much as requesting the information itself.

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