The horror-movie streaming service Shudder serves up phantasmic scare fare

Movie-streaming sites are like used bookstores (or if you’re old enough to remember them, the video-rental stores of the VHS and DVD eras). If you go in with a specific title in mind, the odds are it won’t be there. But if you go in and start browsing the inventory, you’ll likely find some interesting treasures. Complex corporate deals and copyright issues beyond common understanding prevent any one service from being a superstore hosting every conceivable title.

So what’s the alternative to the “used bookstore?” Easy: the “specialty store” that focuses on a particular genre instead of trying to cover everything comprehensively. We’ve previously covered the high-brow film service Fandor, the documentary-film service CuriosityStream, and the independent-film champion Indiepix. Now we’ll weigh in on AMC’s Shudder, which specializes in the genre of horror.

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