First Bay Area OpenResty Meetup

On March 9, 章亦春, known to most of us as agentzh, organized the first Bay Area OpenResty Meetup at CloudFlare’s San Francisco office.

CloudFlare is a big user of Lua, LuaJIT, NGINX and OpenResty and happy to be able to sponsor Yichun’s work on this fast, flexible platform.

The slides and videos from the meetup are now available for viewing by people who were unable to be there in person. by Dragos Dascalita of Adobe

The slides are here.

KONG by Marco Palladino from Mashape

The slides can be found here

What’s new in OpenResty for 2016 by Yichun Zhang of CloudFlare

Yichun’s slides are here

If you are interested in being present at the next OpenResty Meetup by sure to follow the meetup itself.

Read more here:: CloudFlare