When Wi-Fi can’t handle your streaming media needs, a wired network often can—and to avoid the trouble and expense of installing ethernet cables, you can buy powerline network adapters that send data over the existing electrical wiring in your home. But most of these products only perform well when plugged directly into a wall outlet: Surge protectors and power strips, which are designed to clean up electrical signals, can degrade data throughput.

Monster Power Black Platinum surge protectors address this problem by offering built-in powerline networking support in addition to support for cleaning electrical signals on coaxial cable, two USB charging ports, and six, eight or 12 outlets that are priced at $170, $200, and $220 respectively; we reviewed the eight-outlet model 800. (You can find all versions on Amazon at a slight discount.) The networking functionality (like that of most powerline products) is set up by plugging a small adapter (included) into a wall outlet near your router and connecting it to one of your router’s open LAN ports. You then simply run a cable from the Black Platinum’s ethernet port to the device you want to add to your network. Or if you want to connect multiple devices in the same general area, you can plug it into an ethernet switch and connect those devices to the switch.

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Monster Power Black Platinum 800 review: Surge protection with a side of networking