What happens when you take a network-attached storage (NAS) box and marry it to the Android OS? You get a device that’s capable of holding up to 20TB of data—inlcuding audio and video files—that can also tap into a wide range of online music- and video-streaming services. Add an HDMI output, as QNAP has with their new TAS-168 and TAS-268 (one- and two-drive bay NAS boxes respectively) and you have a device that can play all of it on your TV, as well as stream it across your network. That’s no mean feat.

It’s even affordable. Well, affordable for a QNAP product anyway: $199 for the single-bay TAS-158, and $249 for the two-bay TAS-268 that I tested. Those prices don’t include the drives to put in those bays. As for the 20TB number: That’s if you can find WD’s new 10TB hard drives. For the time being, you’ll more likely max out with a pair of Seagate’s 8TB drives, which will add about $500 to the cost of the box.

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