Enabling the Software-Defined Data Center Vision

We’re excited to announce our latest tier 1 partnership, this time with VMware, which demonstrates the growing strategic role and importance that Cumulus Linux plays in rapidly building and scaling private and public clouds. VMware has announced VMware EVO SDDC — a software suite that provides a prescriptive and simple way for organizations to build and operate highly scalable and performant private clouds based on VMware’s software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture. With VMware EVO SDDC bundled with OEM hardware, VMware provides compute, storage and network virtualization, and now fully integrated physical networking solutions.

Cumulus Linux comes embedded in VMware EVO SDDC, which also includes a hardware management system (HMS) component with software integration at the network layer. The top of rack (ToR), spine, and management switches all run Cumulus Linux as the network OS on Dell and Quanta platforms. Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions based on the suite will be available over time through an exclusive set of VMware partners.

This technology partnership is significant for several reasons. First, to have struck such a strategic OEM partnership with VMware is a ringing endorsement of the enterprise-grade quality of software that Cumulus Linux represents as well as the quality of engineering and support that Cumulus Networks has built and offers to our customers and partners. Second, the partnership is an endorsement of the robust networking features available within Cumulus Linux necessary to build and scale the appropriate networks demanded by global enterprise and service providers. Finally, the technology partnership represents the execution of a vision that the two companies share: highly automated software on bare metal infrastructure as the preferred model to reduce data center complexity and cost.

For VMware, the EVO SDDC suite delivered as a fully racked and pre-cabled integrated system represents a strategic move into networking — with VMware essentially moving into the switching business. We can think of the EVO SDDC suite and HCI as a representation of how networking should be consumed: a new paradigm from a CIO perspective as opposed to the traditional networking consumption model offered through more traditional vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Arista).

The partnership with VMware is a tier 1 OEM relationship that allows us to expand our reach, visibility and importance in the networking space, permeating our Open Networking approach of disaggregating software and hardware into the market. The agreement is a validation of the continued momentum of Cumulus Linux as the ubiquitous Linux network operating system. This partnership also provides a global reach into the Fortune 500.

We’re excited and proud to partner with VMware within EVO SDDC to execute our shared vision of the software-defined data center. We also have a webinar where we will talk in depth about this solution.

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