5 Reasons to Attend Cumulus Linux Boot Camp

By GIXnews

Sure, you’re smart and can figure out Cumulus Linux on your own. Or maybe you can’t spare 8 hours for training. If you don’t think you have the time or can benefit from attending the Cumulus Linux Boot Camp as you get started with open networking, here are five good reasons to think again.

1. Save Time

Yes, you can actually SAVE time deploying and managing your network by investing time in training. Our Cumulus Linux Boot Camp is an instructor-led, hands-on training course for networking and sysadmins, optimized to get you going quickly with open networking using Cumulus Linux. You could read the documentation and try to figure things out on your own, but why not maximize your time by leveraging a course where the essential information is gathered in a single place, presented in a methodical order?

2. Access Experts

Our class is taught by technical trainers and consultants who are well-versed with open networking. It’s a great venue to get answers to your questions.

3. Get Stick Time on Switches

This course includes hands-on labs using switches in our Cumulus Workbench. You’ll run through practical exercises and be provided with lab answers and sample code to increase your confidence level in working with Cumulus Linux.

4. Network with Your Peers

Come meet other trailblazing network admins and sysadmins. You’ll make contact with peers in other companies and industries with whom you may be able to compare and contrast strategies and implementations. An industry peer today may also turn out to be an employer tomorrow.

5. Have a Blast!

Still not convinced? Here’s what students have said after attending our class:

“I thought the class was excellent and definitely learned a lot!”

“Very knowledgeable teachers. Great follow-up on questions and deep knowledge.”

“The use cases and labs helped a lot.”

“Great training to go with a great product. Looking forward to recommending this to everyone.”

“I’ve found the boot camp extremely helpful.”

“…well worth it in my book.”

“I was very happy with the quality and detail level.”

“Well taught and fast paced.”

“I loved the course. It was interesting and the instructors are nice.”

“I greatly enjoyed the class and the instructors.”

“Very informative class.”

“good stuff!”

The class is also more affordable than you think. At $699 per seat, the training cost is a fraction of the that of an open networking switch, which itself is very affordable.

We offer classes delivered online and in-person in select cities. Look for our upcoming open enrollment classes on our website.

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