The Magnificent 7

By GIXnews

Our Cumulus Networks team is very excited that Supermicro has joined our Open Hardware partner program, the latest major IT systems provider to join the industry-wide open networking movement.

Now there are Seven.

Supermicro is a leading innovator in high-performance, high-efficiency server, blade, storage, and networking technology for Green Computing – worldwide. Cumulus Linux on Supermicro bare-metal switches further extends the reach of the Supermicro solutions, enabling rapid deployment of a highly scalable, cost effective software-defined network infrastructure for data center, cloud, enterprise IT, big data and HPC.

As our seventh Open Hardware partner, Supermicro is now part of a very impressive list of providers on the Cumulus Linux HCL: Agema, Dell, Edge-Core, HP, Penguin, Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), and Supermicro.

What does it mean for the industry? Open Networking is inevitable and Cumulus Networks is leading the way.

Major changes are underway in the IT industry that improve data center networking, allowing organizations of all sizes to leverage efficient technology that was developed by the world’s largest cloud operators. The resulting data center networks scale more easily, enable much faster innovation, and cost significantly less to build and operate. With data center infrastructure leaders like Supermicro embracing Cumulus Linux, adoption of open networking is quickly expanding to the mainstream market and customers of all sizes.

It’s all about choice.

The IT systems providers in the Cumulus Networks Open Hardware program give customers a broad range of choice in infrastructure. Add Cumulus Linux, and those customers win with improved economics, ability to automate and manage their switches just like their servers, and greater innovation and agility in meeting changing business needs.

The Magnificent 7 is how we get to 25.

Check out our fast-growing Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). We’ve got 25 Cumulus Linux Ready bare metal switches which is currently the highest in the industry and the list is growing!

Join the transformation and test drive Cumulus Linux today!

You can try out Cumulus Linux yourself, no strings attached, via our Cumulus Workbench remote lab. Go for it! See how you too, can enjoy choice, improved costs, and more efficient operations.

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