Dell World: Driving Innovation in a New Era

Dell World booth - Cumulus Networks

I just returned from Dell World in Austin, Texas this past week. It’s one of my favorite events because not only does this week bring out hundreds if not thousands of new and innovative ideas, it also brings together thousands of people from around the world with different experiences and backgrounds.

This event was like no other Dell event that I’ve attended. First, it actually rained in Austin. For two days straight! But more importantly (and as dramatic), as a private company, Dell had a very different vibe. Michael Dell repeatedly said that this was the first time he was having fun in a long time, and looking at the crowd, you could sense it! The general feel was that this new Dell could take on any new challenge and could do so swiftly. Always optimize for the long run and drive innovation to accelerate business.

It’s very evident that the software-defined world is changing. At Dell World you could feel the buzz and witness each and every company’s evolution and observe how each product is helping evolve the face of the entire IT ecosystem. With all of the hype surrounding the software-defined market, I’m happy to have had the opportunity to see and experience the evolution of Dell World.

Walking the show floor you can see that Dell is really listening to the modern IT world by offering many choices and a variety of solutions. Through expanding OEM deals, partnerships and the new Dell Cloud Marketplace, customers have a variety of opportunities that they wouldn’t have had just three short years ago. Dell is doing a tremendous job at partnering with a variety of folks to bring the full spectrum of infrastructure, cloud, software and services to continue delivering value.

All in all, Dell World was a great time to reflect and take in thDell World-Cumulus Networks-Weezere changing world around us. The Texas BBQ, Weezer and being part of the Cumulus Networks booth (not in that order) all made for an incredible experience. There’s a lot of excitement around open networking and the people that met with us really got it and realize its importance. And, we are really excited to be part of this experience with Dell Networking leading the way.

If you’d like to learn more about Dell Networking and Cumulus Networks, join us on November 20th at 1pm Pacific Time where Tom Burns, VP/General Manager at Dell Networking and JR Rivers, co-founder/CEO at Cumulus Networks discuss the software-defined data center.

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