Dude… cover me, I’m going in…

You know it needs to be done, it could be easy… or it could get messy, and you’re sure that the world will be a better place when you’re finished.

That’s the dilemma that some of our enterprise customers have when grappling with “the cloud.”

We’ve noticed a distinct trend among customers that grew up outside the “cloud era”; they’ve been trying to bolt “cloud” onto their legacy IT blueprint and it has been a struggle. They expected to realize operational and capital efficiencies that approximate high scale Internet businesses. Unfortunately, they are missing by a long shot.

At some point along the way, these customers realize that they need to be willing to drive structural change. They need to create a “cloud blueprint” for their applications and IT infrastructure. In some cases, this means a transition to public/hosted infrastructure; in other cases, it means building new private infrastructure based on cloud principles. In many cases, it’s a mixture of both.

When private cloud is part of the answer, we’ve consistently found design patterns built on infrastructure platforms like VMware vSphere and OpenStack and big data platforms such as Hortonworks. Customers want to get these services operational quickly so they often stay with legacy practices, with full knowledge that these practices are breaking their backs.

Our job is to be “Dude”; to help provide the cover these customers need to make it out unscathed. To that end, we’ve pulled together features, partnerships, and validated solutions that allow them to be successful in their deployments whether they initially use a modern network architecture or leverage a traditional network architecture.

We empower companies of all sizes to reap the benefits of modern networking in their data centers by taking steps instead of taking a leap. This is why Cumulus Networks customers are so excited about open networking.

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