Realtime stats in GIXflow

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Real-time stats and a few more features have been added to GIXflow.

Added real-time stats include:
– total volume of TCP/UDP/ICMP/IPv6/OTHER traffic
– packet rate for TCP/UDP/ICMP/IPv6/OTHER traffic
– received and processed packets
– received and processed flows
– prefix cache size
– flow queue size
– sent DNS queries
The realtime stats use Highcharts charting library which is not free for commercial use.
Adding HTTP server (with SSL support) for stats access.
Adding a tool to convert MaxMind geo data (ip2asn and ip2country) to a SQLite3 database.
Adding support for DNS based IP2ASN mapping service from Route Views.

Sample graphs below. The first two with MaxMind GeoLite data imported and the last one with IP2ASN mapping enabled.