Arbor Networks – Digital Attack Map

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The Digital Attack Map presents data gathered and published by Arbor Networks ATLAS® global threat intelligence system. ATLAS sources its data worldwide from 270+ ISP customers who have agreed to share anonymous network traffic and attack statistics. Data is updated hourly and can also be found in Arbor’s ATLAS Threat Portal.

To protect your website against a DDoS attack, you need to be able to block or absorb malicious traffic. Webmasters can talk to their hosting provider about DDoS attack protection. They can also route incoming traffic through a reputable third-party service that provides distributed caching to help filter out malicious traffic – reducing the strain on existing web servers. Most such services require a paid subscription, but often cost less than scaling up your own server capacity to deal with a DDoS attack.

Many products and services exist to protect large networks from DDoS attacks and prevent network resources from being used to amplify attacks. Arbor Networks, who provide data for this visualization, also offer a number of DDoS mitigation services. To find out more visit